I Love My Job!!

As I’ve said before, I’m never certain about what to write in a blog… 

The only thing that is really going through my mind is how much I love this store and the job that i’m doing. 

I love walking in every morning and looking at all the cool stuff as I walk to the back where I do most of my work. I love the colors in the store. I love the variety of people that come through each day. I get excited on the days when I walk in and there are tons of customers and all the volunteers are busy setting things up and helping people out. 

I love how the radio plays Journey and The Proclaimers. 

But what I love the most is the feeling I get knowing that I’m doing something for this shop. 

Everyone who volunteers there is so nice… and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t get my hands on a pair of those Sseko sandals by the end of this internship… 

If anyone is reading this who lives in the area, YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT AND GET SOME OF THEIR COOL PRODUCTS.

And in case you haven’t heard, TOMORROW NIGHT AT 7 PM THERE WILL BE A FILM HOSTED BY MUSTARD SEED FAIR TRADE. Here’s the link (I hope it works):


Now I need to get back to my work so that I can have a little less to do this weekend. Leaving for a wedding in Chicago tomorrow! 


Until Next Time!




First ad was successfully published in Columbia Prime Magazine! WOOHOO!! 

As of right now, I’m retouching photos on some great jewelry that is sold at Mustard Seed.
Things are starting to heat up around here (Not just the temperature outside).  My online summer school classes just started and I have to figure out how to manage my time between classes, my internship, and my social life. Staring at a computer for almost 11 hours a day is getting tough! Luckily I walk every morning so I can have at least SOME variation in my life. 


Just have to finish retouching all these photos by Friday! Then it’s time to tackle the website!! Check back soon! 

A few words of wisdom for fellow up-and-coming graphic designers

When retouching photos:

  • If the model’s skin looks a little washed out, spot color a tan part of the persons skin, create a new layer, then set it to Multiply with 64% opacity. Click your brush tool, and set that brush to Multiply with 64% opacity. Use the quick select tool so you can do a better job of “coloring in the lines” and GOGOGO! 
  • If your photo is lacking vibrance, use the vibrance control panel and set vibrance to +36 and the saturation to +16. Easy right? 
  • PLEASE, if there are any blemishes whatsoever, use the spot healing tool whichever healing tool you like better. My personal favorite is the spot healing tool. 
  • When retouching images of jewelry that are photographed on a stark white background, do not fret little one, just use the blur tool set at 71% and run the brush over the shadows to take the harshness out of it. 
  • If you ever come across a red “fringe” around a subject in a photograph, just create a new layer, set it to either Color or multiply (use the same brush setting and percentages as I stated before) and gingerly go over it. Don’t forget to use a smaller brush for this. The bigger the brush, the messier the turnout. 

My other thoughts:

I realized how difficult it is to use red, white, and blue for a July ad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud American. I think it might be the fact that putting the colors red and blue next to each other makes my stomach turn. It makes me think of a certain school that makes a Tiger’s blood boil. So I think I’ll try to go for a watermelon instead! 


What symbols, images, colors, and words make you think of the month of July? THEN TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE POPSICLE FLAVOR! DISCUSS! Image



First day “At The Office”

Today marks my first “real day” at my internship!

My hours started at 11 am. I wanted to stop at Kaldi’s and get a bagel beforehand but due to some payments that needed to be taken care of, I couldn’t. (This is probably the most interesting stuff you’ve read in your life.)

So I stroll in around 11 am and proceed to work on stuff. Today, I went through one folder of photos and spent the better part of 3 hours retouching, renaming, and organizing each and every photo. You’d be surprised how fun spot-touching wild hairs off of models clothes gets to be. Also, I found it funny that I could tell what time of year the photos were taken by the hair on the models arms standing straight up. Turns out most of the pictures were taken during the January and February months. BRRRR! (But you won’t be able to tell when I’m done with them)

And so starts round 2 of the design process for the magazine ads. I hope these ads I’m making end up as fabulous as I anticipate them to. In the mean time, I think I’ll paint my nails and watch Shallow Hal. Image


And so it begins…

  • I’m sure I’ll be spending more time trying to figure this whole blog thing out than on my actual internship.
  • I hate blogging.


This whole blog thing makes me feel old…and not “with it” or “hip”. This is almost as confusing as…Okay so I can’t think of a MIND BOTTLING analogy to relate to my blogfusion (see how i did that?) but you get the idea.

Well, here goes nothing! I just started out my summer internship at Mustard Seed Fair Trade. It seemed as if my first deadline came up the moment I finished my last training day. Actually, it didn’t seem like it, it actually happened. I finished my training on a Wednesday, and had to design a magazine ad and have it ready to go by Friday of that same week.

I’m really excited to see what happens this summer. The things I’m going to be doing are really exciting! I bet you can’t WAIT to find out what I do!

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for the June issue of Inside Columbia Prime Magazine (I think that’s the name of the mag… If I didn’t quite get it right please don’t shoot me I’m still new at this) and look out for my first PUBLISHED magazine ad!! WOOH!


Until my next post (which will probably be tomorrow) enjoy this weird picture that I found that makes as much sense as this whole BLOG thing… (HA! How’s that for an analogy?)