Cool Stuff for designers on-the-go

Have you ever been out somewhere and see objects that you wish you could capture the colors of? 

For example, you’re walking around downtown and see graffiti on the side of a building, or you are at a restaurant and the color scheme of the place really inspires you. Then later when you are designing, you think of the colors you saw but can’t find the color palette to match? 


totally have the same dilemma. That was until I downloaded the app “Real Colors” on my android phone. This app is awesome… When you see that thing that has those colors that give you butterflies, all you have to do is take a picture of that object, and the app then analyzes the image and picks the colors for you! It then gives you the RGB/CMYK/whatever percentages and numbers so you can use them in any creation you make. I LOVE IT. 

Here’s some screenshots of what the app looks like: 



Cool right? for more info, here’s the link to the site that tells you what it’s all about:

I’d also recommend downloading the “Graphic Design Idea Gallery LW” app.

The description explains it all. It is an “Inspirational Gallery”. This just has images of different design work of other people. It’s more of an inspiration thing. In this app, all you have to do is “star” your favorite images and it automatically saves it to a favorites folder. So when you have a project and need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, you can just go to this app and all your problems are solved, mostly. 🙂 

Here are some screen shots of the images it has:


Seriously check these out. They’re both free!! So go on and download, my friends! 





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