Loco for Logos.You gotta check these out. ya dig?

Two things you need to check out:



If you’re in the process of designing a logo, or need inspiration to get started, OR if you’re like me and you just like to straight up troll the internet looking at logos people design and try to figure out how they came up with that, it would BEHOOVE you to check out those two links.

OH YEAH! One last thing:


^^^^Don’t be that person ^^^

I will find you… Right after I purchase this and hang it on my wall…


Brainstorm turn to a slight drizzle? GET THAT THING BACK TO A BRAIN-SUPERSTORM! Here’s How:

Hello friends.
The season is changing. Weather is getting colder which means we are fighting that winter season lazy hibernation mindset. Although there might be a few moments of inspiration out there still, we can’t help but fall into that creative rut.

WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE. I found something that will keep those creative winds at high speeds. WATCH OUT FOR IDEA LIGHTNING. Have you ever been to howdesign.com? That place is friggn LOADED ¬†with tips to keep your creative brainstorming technique up to snuff.. There’s also a TON of inspiring images, interviews, and tutorials to help polish your skills as a designer.

I would really recommend checking this site out…

BUT ANYWAY. Back to what I was originally segway-ing into:


This is a great read. Try these 6 brainstorming techniques and you’ll be sure to outsmart that winter lag. Enjoy!

Don’t let your design look like YESTERDAY’S NEWS.

Since we only have a few weeks of 2012 left, I found an article on graphic design style trends of the year. If you’ve been making stuff that contains these things, then consider yourself up to snuff and mainstream! I’ll be on the look out for trend predictions for 2013! This article can also help if you’re in a creative rut and need something to get your gears goin!


Enjoy! have a great weekend!