And now, the end is near. And I must face my final curtain. (Or not?)

Well it’s been a trip! 

My last day is technically today since I’ll be gone tomorrow. After designing ads, fundraising campaigns, and retouching multiple photos, I have worked my last day. Let me tell you, it feels weird.  I won’t lie, a few weeks ago, i was worried about how much longer it would be. But now that the day is here, it almost seems like it went by too fast. 



I’ve talked to my manager and we are working on me carrying on past my required internship hours. It’ll be an extended internship I suppose… I still need to design a few things for this ad campaign! This is my baby! How could I leave and let someone else take over and touch all my hard work? NO SAYS I! 

All I had left to do was turn all the main images of the booklet to PNGs to use on the website. So today I was left to retouch some photos I’ve already retouched. ahhhh the life of a graphic designer. 

I wrote Jessica a thank you note for the amazing experience on a Lisa Frank notecard… I might be obsessed with Lisa Frank. SO WHAT?! WHO CARES?! Plus it’s the only parchment I had… hopefully I can get her to sign my last two weeks of time stuff before I leave. 

OFF to Miami tomorrow! I hope I put enough info in here to help me remember what all I did when it comes time for presentations. 






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