A few words of wisdom for fellow up-and-coming graphic designers

When retouching photos:

  • If the model’s skin looks a little washed out, spot color a tan part of the persons skin, create a new layer, then set it to Multiply with 64% opacity. Click your brush tool, and set that brush to Multiply with 64% opacity. Use the quick select tool so you can do a better job of “coloring in the lines” and GOGOGO! 
  • If your photo is lacking vibrance, use the vibrance control panel and set vibrance to +36 and the saturation to +16. Easy right? 
  • PLEASE, if there are any blemishes whatsoever, use the spot healing tool whichever healing tool you like better. My personal favorite is the spot healing tool. 
  • When retouching images of jewelry that are photographed on a stark white background, do not fret little one, just use the blur tool set at 71% and run the brush over the shadows to take the harshness out of it. 
  • If you ever come across a red “fringe” around a subject in a photograph, just create a new layer, set it to either Color or multiply (use the same brush setting and percentages as I stated before) and gingerly go over it. Don’t forget to use a smaller brush for this. The bigger the brush, the messier the turnout. 

My other thoughts:

I realized how difficult it is to use red, white, and blue for a July ad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud American. I think it might be the fact that putting the colors red and blue next to each other makes my stomach turn. It makes me think of a certain school that makes a Tiger’s blood boil. So I think I’ll try to go for a watermelon instead! 


What symbols, images, colors, and words make you think of the month of July? THEN TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE POPSICLE FLAVOR! DISCUSS! Image




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