First day “At The Office”

Today marks my first “real day” at my internship!

My hours started at 11 am. I wanted to stop at Kaldi’s and get a bagel beforehand but due to some payments that needed to be taken care of, I couldn’t. (This is probably the most interesting stuff you’ve read in your life.)

So I stroll in around 11 am and proceed to work on stuff. Today, I went through one folder of photos and spent the better part of 3 hours retouching, renaming, and organizing each and every photo. You’d be surprised how fun spot-touching wild hairs off of models clothes gets to be. Also, I found it funny that I could tell what time of year the photos were taken by the hair on the models arms standing straight up. Turns out most of the pictures were taken during the January and February months. BRRRR! (But you won’t be able to tell when I’m done with them)

And so starts round 2 of the design process for the magazine ads. I hope these ads I’m making end up as fabulous as I anticipate them to. In the mean time, I think I’ll paint my nails and watch Shallow Hal. Image



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