And so it begins…

  • I’m sure I’ll be spending more time trying to figure this whole blog thing out than on my actual internship.
  • I hate blogging.


This whole blog thing makes me feel old…and not “with it” or “hip”. This is almost as confusing as…Okay so I can’t think of a MIND BOTTLING analogy to relate to my blogfusion (see how i did that?) but you get the idea.

Well, here goes nothing! I just started out my summer internship at Mustard Seed Fair Trade. It seemed as if my first deadline came up the moment I finished my last training day. Actually, it didn’t seem like it, it actually happened. I finished my training on a Wednesday, and had to design a magazine ad and have it ready to go by Friday of that same week.

I’m really excited to see what happens this summer. The things I’m going to be doing are really exciting! I bet you can’t WAIT to find out what I do!

In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for the June issue of Inside Columbia Prime Magazine (I think that’s the name of the mag… If I didn’t quite get it right please don’t shoot me I’m still new at this) and look out for my first PUBLISHED magazine ad!! WOOH!


Until my next post (which will probably be tomorrow) enjoy this weird picture that I found that makes as much sense as this whole BLOG thing… (HA! How’s that for an analogy?)





2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

    • Each of which times? Wednesday when the ad was assigned? and friday when it was due?
      On Wednesday, I was initially stressed out by the short notice and I wanted to be stubborn. But then I remembered that this is exactly what my job is all about, short notices. By Thursday I felt really good about designing the ad. I actually thought of it like a fun craft or something! I think I’m really going to enjoy this summer..

      I hope that’s what you were asking me. If not, What exactly were you asking me? lol
      Love you!!

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