Cool Stuff for designers on-the-go

Have you ever been out somewhere and see objects that you wish you could capture the colors of? 

For example, you’re walking around downtown and see graffiti on the side of a building, or you are at a restaurant and the color scheme of the place really inspires you. Then later when you are designing, you think of the colors you saw but can’t find the color palette to match? 


totally have the same dilemma. That was until I downloaded the app “Real Colors” on my android phone. This app is awesome… When you see that thing that has those colors that give you butterflies, all you have to do is take a picture of that object, and the app then analyzes the image and picks the colors for you! It then gives you the RGB/CMYK/whatever percentages and numbers so you can use them in any creation you make. I LOVE IT. 

Here’s some screenshots of what the app looks like: 



Cool right? for more info, here’s the link to the site that tells you what it’s all about:

I’d also recommend downloading the “Graphic Design Idea Gallery LW” app.

The description explains it all. It is an “Inspirational Gallery”. This just has images of different design work of other people. It’s more of an inspiration thing. In this app, all you have to do is “star” your favorite images and it automatically saves it to a favorites folder. So when you have a project and need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing, you can just go to this app and all your problems are solved, mostly. 🙂 

Here are some screen shots of the images it has:


Seriously check these out. They’re both free!! So go on and download, my friends! 





Loco for Logos.You gotta check these out. ya dig?

Two things you need to check out:

If you’re in the process of designing a logo, or need inspiration to get started, OR if you’re like me and you just like to straight up troll the internet looking at logos people design and try to figure out how they came up with that, it would BEHOOVE you to check out those two links.

OH YEAH! One last thing:


^^^^Don’t be that person ^^^

I will find you… Right after I purchase this and hang it on my wall…

Brainstorm turn to a slight drizzle? GET THAT THING BACK TO A BRAIN-SUPERSTORM! Here’s How:

Hello friends.
The season is changing. Weather is getting colder which means we are fighting that winter season lazy hibernation mindset. Although there might be a few moments of inspiration out there still, we can’t help but fall into that creative rut.

WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE. I found something that will keep those creative winds at high speeds. WATCH OUT FOR IDEA LIGHTNING. Have you ever been to That place is friggn LOADED  with tips to keep your creative brainstorming technique up to snuff.. There’s also a TON of inspiring images, interviews, and tutorials to help polish your skills as a designer.

I would really recommend checking this site out…

BUT ANYWAY. Back to what I was originally segway-ing into:

This is a great read. Try these 6 brainstorming techniques and you’ll be sure to outsmart that winter lag. Enjoy!

Don’t let your design look like YESTERDAY’S NEWS.

Since we only have a few weeks of 2012 left, I found an article on graphic design style trends of the year. If you’ve been making stuff that contains these things, then consider yourself up to snuff and mainstream! I’ll be on the look out for trend predictions for 2013! This article can also help if you’re in a creative rut and need something to get your gears goin!

Enjoy! have a great weekend!


And now, the end is near. And I must face my final curtain. (Or not?)

Well it’s been a trip! 

My last day is technically today since I’ll be gone tomorrow. After designing ads, fundraising campaigns, and retouching multiple photos, I have worked my last day. Let me tell you, it feels weird.  I won’t lie, a few weeks ago, i was worried about how much longer it would be. But now that the day is here, it almost seems like it went by too fast. 



I’ve talked to my manager and we are working on me carrying on past my required internship hours. It’ll be an extended internship I suppose… I still need to design a few things for this ad campaign! This is my baby! How could I leave and let someone else take over and touch all my hard work? NO SAYS I! 

All I had left to do was turn all the main images of the booklet to PNGs to use on the website. So today I was left to retouch some photos I’ve already retouched. ahhhh the life of a graphic designer. 

I wrote Jessica a thank you note for the amazing experience on a Lisa Frank notecard… I might be obsessed with Lisa Frank. SO WHAT?! WHO CARES?! Plus it’s the only parchment I had… hopefully I can get her to sign my last two weeks of time stuff before I leave. 

OFF to Miami tomorrow! I hope I put enough info in here to help me remember what all I did when it comes time for presentations. 





Everybody’s workin’ fo the weekend…. nanananananana

BOY am I tired! 

Just a quick update on my life: 

(1) Second ad was just published in Columbia Prime Magazine. Check it out! 

+++++Funny fact about that, the printer at Inside Columbia prints on the warm side. The trick? I put a cooling filter over the ad to see if the colors would be a little more similar this time around. AND GUESS WHAT?! It kinda looked closer.. lol still a work in progress.+++++++++++++

(2) TWO weeks left of summer school… FINALLY. I never realized how time consuming it was! It seems to be just dragging on and on and on but I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel

(3) This weekend was especially difficult to get work done with guard camp going on all weekend. I had to force myself to do my homework at 11 last night to turn it in by midnight! I got it done though so don’t you worry. 

(4) The fundraising campaign is starting to come together now! The booklet is almost done, I just have to add in some infographics in the center spread (if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know). Revisions have been made to the donation card and solicitation letter. That means all that’s left is the thank you card! 

(5) Along with the fundraiser, I’ve been asked to come up with a t-shirt design for shirts that the staff will be getting to go along with the whole campaign. BAH! Gender neutral ideas are hard!! 

Amidst all this chaos, I’m really excited to see my mother soon. I’m especially excited to get at least ONE week to just take a deep breath, relax, and not think about responsibilities… You know you’re getting older when you realize every day of the week has a set schedule. I don’t wanna grow up… I wanna be a toys ‘r’ us kid! (That’s how it goes, right?)

WOOH! more later! 



Busy Busy Busy!

No post in a while… well shucks! 

Mid-terms for summer school are here, and so is the big fundraiser! Lots of crazy design ideas swirling around the store these past couple weeks! I’m excited to work with Sarah, a new intern who is fantastic at drawing. Definitely going to utilize her talents! 


Still figuring out how to master the booklet set up on indesign. Until then, I’ll just draw it out a bunch. 


Started out most of the day today alone. Hopefully i’ll see ppl to ask for help about this stuff soon… Hoping to get enough work done today to make the rest of the week easier!